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CALL HER GANDA with Director PJ Raval in person

Center of Creative Photography, November 2 @ 6:00pm

DOCSCAPES, a collaboration between the Hanson FilmTV Institute and the UA Center for Documentary, presents a screening of CALL HER GANDA with director PJ Raval in person.

When Jennifer Laude, a Filipina trans woman, is brutally murdered by a U.S. Marine, three women intimately invested in the case–an activist attorney (Virgie Suarez), a transgender journalist (Meredith Talusan) and Jennifer’s mother (Julita “Nanay” Laude) –galvanize a political uprising, pursuing justice and taking on hardened histories of U.S. imperialism.

When: Friday November 2 at 6:00pm
Admission:  Free

A Q&A with director PJ Raval will take place following the screening

second screening of CALL HER GANDA takes place in Bisbee at the Bisbee Royale on Saturday November 3rd at 4pm, with a Q&A with PJ Raval afterwards. Get your tickets to the Bisbee screening HERE.


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