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On-site internships are portals to a universe of film-related instruction beyond the classroom—hands-on experience, real-world challenges, new locales, industry contacts, and opportunities to learn more about particular professions. With the School of Theatre, Film & Television Internship Committee and drawing on our broad network of industry connections, the Hanson FilmTV Institute works directly with individual students to develop strong applications and match them with the ideal internship for their interests and aspirations. To prepare students for success in their internships, we also offer skill development workshops and one-on-one advice on resources and job searches. 

Ayla Testimonial Pic.jpg

"The Hanson FilmTV Institute invested their time with me as I prepared to intern at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival, educating me about festival events and practices." 
—Ayla Ahmad,
UA School of Theatre, Film & Television Student

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