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On-site internships are portals to a universe of film-related instruction beyond the classroom—hands-on experience, real-world challenges, new locales, industry contacts, and opportunities to learn more about particular professions. With the School of Theatre, Film & Television Internship Committee and drawing on our broad network of industry connections, the Hanson FilmTV Institute works directly with individual students to develop strong applications and match them with the ideal internship for their interests and aspirations. To prepare students for success in their internships, we also offer skill development workshops and one-on-one advice on resources and job searches. 

Special Programs & External Festivals

In addition to internships, Hanson FilmTV Institute develops special programs to offer students early career development opportunities, training and access to leaders in all areas of the industry.

Utilizing the multitude of chances for professional growth and on-site knowledge found in film festival environments, Hanson FilmTV Institute took 10 students from the School of Theatre Film and Television on its inaugural trip to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, for its 2023 edition.  Students worked shifts as official volunteers for the festival and received the Sundance Ignite Festival Accreditation Package, which gave the cohort access to package-holder events, screenings, panels, networking socials, receptions and much more.  Hanson FilmTV Institute was also able to leverage its strong network of relationships to secure round table interviews and one-to-one consultations for the students with filmmakers and industry professionals at Sundance.  

The purpose of the trip was to give the cohort the most enriched and intensive experience of the festival, with the aim of providing an offer that could advance their early careers post-graduation, through work experience and knowledge of the film festival landscape and how it fits into the lifecycle of film and television projects. It was such a success that the program has been developed into an annual student trip with the ambition of expanding the model for other prominent film festivals.   

Ayla Testimonial Pic.jpg

"The Hanson FilmTV Institute invested their time with me as I prepared to intern at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival, educating me about festival events and practices." 
—Ayla Ahmad,
UA School of Theatre, Film & Television Student

kyle openshaw.jpeg

"This trip has been very informative and influential towards my ideas about the film industry and my own plans moving forward after graduation. Being in an environment where so many people enjoy watching and discussing films was exciting, reinforcing that there is absolutely an audience and industry for independent film."
—Kyle Openshaw, Hanson TFTV Sundance Film Festival 2023 Student Trip Cohort

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