The University of Arizona
About the Institute

The Hanson Film Institute is concerned with the art and business of film. The Institute works in partnership with the UA Film and Television program and in collaboration with diverse UA entities and local, national, and international organizations. The Institute produces educational programs, public events, and creative projects that provide educational and professional development opportunities for students, faculty, and filmmakers. The Institute contributes to the University's land-grant mission by producing film events and films that address societal issues. The Institute places a special focus on Mexican and Native American filmmaking. 

History and Organization

The Hanson Film Institute is made possible through annual contributions from The Jack and Vivian Hanson Foundation, which was created in 2002 upon the death of Vivian Hanson, a cherished donor to The University of Arizona. Fiduciary Trust Company International in New York, NY manages the Foundation's assets. The Institute began pilot programs in October 2004. The Arizona Board of Regents formally approved the non-profit Hanson Film Institute in December 2005.

The Institute operates under the auspices of The University of Arizona College of Fine Arts and works in partnership with the Film & TV Program within the School of Theatre, Film & Television. The Institute collaborates with interested divisions at The University and with diverse organizations at the local, national, and international level.

Professional staff, including a Director and an Assistant to the Director, lead the Institute. A nationally based Program Advisory Committee councils the Institute on programs, and a nationally based Industry Council advises on institutional development. Institute programs reflect The University of Arizona's three-fold mission of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

The Institute welcomes additional tax-exempt contributions to support its work. Contributions can be made through The University of Arizona Foundation. For further information about the Institute, please contact Vicky Westover, Director at 520-626-9825 or